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Evan Buck brings passion to his coaching, teaching students the techniques  and practices to improve and excel in their communication skills.  Coach Buck competed in Speech and Debate for seven years and has a heart to help students learn how to winsomely communicate for Christ.


After teaching a beginning speech class in 2011, Coach Buck began formally teaching speech and debate in the fall of 2014.  Besides helping students privately, Coach Buck was a Student-Coach for Stoa's Southern California Valor club, helping to lead the club in Lincoln Douglas (LD), Parliamentary Debate (Parli) and Extemporaneous Speech (Extemp).  He has also coached at the nation’s leading debate camp, Griffith Vertican's National Institute of Homeschool Debate (NIHD), lecturing and leading a small group.


Evan Buck consistently placed high at tournaments throughout his speech and debate career. His focus was on LD Debate, Parli, and Limited Preparation Speech events and also competed in several Platform Speech events and Team Policy Debate (TP).  He was invited to NITOC for 6 years, and was ranked number one in Lincoln Douglas Debate in the nation throughout the 2014-2015 season.


During Evan Buck's senior year, Valor had an outstanding performance at Stoa's National Invitational Tournament of Champions (NITOC) in LD with three competitors placing in the top eight.  Over the years, Evan Buck won first place at many tournaments in Apologetics, Extemp, and LD and was the Tournament Champion at the 2015 Point Loma Classic in San Diego.


During Evan Buck's competitive years, he was blessed to attend Speech and Debate camps hosted by several well-known organizations and sat under the teaching of many top level Speech and Debate coaches.


Coach Buck enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge and practical skills with others to help them achieve their goals.


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