Evan Buck

Speech & Debate

Personal Coaching

The USS Midway


2013 Flag Day Celebration




Evan Buck's


keynote address on


“Old Glory,

the Importance of

the American Flag.”

Lincoln Douglas Debate


Final Round

The Point Loma Classic

2015 Tournament


Affirmative: Evan Buck (Valor)

Negative:  Jeremy Tran (Veritas)


The resolution (or topic of discussion) for the round was "Resolved: When in conflict, an individual's freedom of speech ought to be valued above the community's moral standards."

The Parliamentary Debate


Final Round

Act of Valor

2014 Tournament



Evan Buck & Austin Janik



Matthew Kendrick & Kyle Kendrick


The resolution for the round

was about the

Keystone XL pipeline.

Extemporaneous Speech


Inland Club Challenge

2014 Tournament


Evan Buck

had 30 minutes to prepare

for his 7 minute speech


public funding

for sports stadiums.

Original Oratory Speech


Concordia Challenge

2009 Tournament


12-year-old Evan Buck

gives his first speech for competitive forensics

which was entitled

“Legos Can Build

Relationship Bridges.”


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