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"I am a homeschool parent with two sons in STOA Speech and Debate.  Having started in STOA with no background in debate and surprised by the amount of work and dedication required to participate, our family quickly learned to rely on more experienced debaters and debate families for guidance.  One of those special people  who helped us is Evan Buck.  I first encountered Evan as a parent judge for Parliamentary and Lincoln-Douglas debates where Evan was frequently breaking into out rounds and finals.  What distinguishes Evan, however, is his outgoing personality and I dare say humility before fellow competitors.  In an arena where students learn how to shine before others, Evan has not allowed his success to change him as a person.   My son as a new debater easily made friends with Evan and found him to be a positive influence.  In fact, I have been impressed by the sheer number of students that Evan seems to have as friends and that he resists the temptation to stay in one clique. I believe these qualities of excellent debate skills, outgoing and helpful personality and above all else humility make him a good choice as a debate coach for your children."


Matthew W. Argue, Esq.


"Three years ago I started my journey into public speaking. At the time I was very shy and did not even want to talk to others one on one. My mother asked if I wanted to take a speech class that was being offered at our class day. I wanted an easy class after biology, so I signed up. The class was taught by Evan Buck, who not only coached us in speaking but also had us give speeches in front of the whole class. Starting out it was hard for me to even say my name out loud, but as Evan Buck continued to draw the best out of us, I started gaining confidence. With his coaching I gave a presentation to my biology class of 5 people which to me was enormous! After the year was over the Bucks urged me to join Paradigm (our speech club). I joined and took with me Evan’s coaching and passion to learn how to speak in front of an audience. We might ask where Evan’s coaching has taken me? The simple answer is any where I want to go! This year alone, I have spoken to audiences of over 100 people with little if any fear. It is so very freeing to be able to communicate effectively, regardless of the audience size.


"If the only reason your learning to speak is to win trophies, Evan can teach you that. I have more trophies than I could have imagined. But, the glamour wears off and in the end they are chunks of metal or wood. The true heart of Evan and the Buck family is that we should learn to effectively communicate for the glory of God, learning to do so is the most rewarding experience I believe you could ever have."


Nathaniel Hosmer

Stoa Competitor

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